Circle Rehabilitation Hospital in Birmingham. Architecture by DfMA architects Bryden Wood

As architects we are inventors and makers, explorative and inquisitive. We love to listen, solve problems, innovate.

Our team are award-winning architects, creators of the built environment, who deliver projects around the world. To facilitate sustainable design and consistently deliver on our Design to Value approach requires us to think holistically. Our integrated design process creates smart, sustainable solutions that are shaping the future of construction and the built environment.

We work at every scale, from strategic thinking to detail design and delivery. The decisions we make at every stage are informed by deep architectural design and construction knowledge and experience, gained across a breadth of sectors, from commercial and residential architecture, to data centres, airports and hospital design.

We are an AJ100 practice and have received many design and architecture awards, including a 2020 Housing Design Award.

Design to Value: beauty, functionality and efficiency

No one values aesthetics more than us. But beauty should extend beneath the surface to functionality and efficiency if a building is to meet its users’ needs and aspirations, and improve their lives, health and wellbeing.

Our clients present us with many challenges - site constraints, time and budget pressures, highly complex problems, needs for future adaptability and flexibility. We will always find elegant architectural solutions.

Inventive, creative, practical

High quality architecture that brings both value and joy comes from an inspired response to the building's context and our client’s requirements. We manage the increasingly complex built environment by applying real invention in design and construction.

We will push the planning envelope, without breaking it; all our planning applications have been approved. By scoping the future, we design buildings that can adapt and respond to a client’s development or business plans over time.

Architecture is changing, and we are leading this change with our focus on Design to Value and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). The richness of big data in construction, and powerful new ways of handling it let us create the future of your building, digitally. This is possible using our advanced technology in building construction processes, including computational and generative design. You will benefit from our VR in construction capabilities which allow you to experience your project virtually and assess how it meets your aesthetic, functional, environmental and other requirements.

Integrated design: one team, one vision, the complete skillset

We bring together architecture, structure and building services, to create a complete design. Our multiple specialists work together to give you seamless delivery from a single, integrated design team. Working with a single team means a coherent, comprehensive and balanced response to your requirements that works equally hard for you in terms of value, quality and aesthetics.

From end to end, and everywhere in between

We maintain a clear design intent right the way through your project, to deliver the vision we set out at concept stage.   

With leading edge expertise across a wide range of sectors, we work from inception to final delivery. So when you choose us for architectural design, the breadth of our offering helps us connect with, and have a greater understanding of, the requirements of other disciplines. Which all adds value for our clients.


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