Photo of Lucy Homer, European Head of Integrated Solutions at LendLease - Bryden Wood Built Environment Matter design podcast

Join us on this month’s episode of Built Environment Matters as Lucy Homer, European Head of Integrated Solutions at Lendlease, discusses centralisation, the importance of teamwork, overcoming industry inefficiency, and how architects in our digital future could find themselves acting as artisan curators of standardised systems.

Click the 'play button' above to listen in to Lucy talking to Board Director Paul O'Neill, or read our 5 Key Takeaways from this episode below...

1. Unique structure of Lendlease

Lendlease distinguishes itself by integrating investment, development, and construction within its business model. This holistic approach, involving their own capital in projects, sets them apart from competitors and allows for more control and efficiency across the entire project lifecycle.

2. Digital transformation with Podium

Lendlease has established a digital business called Podium to leverage their comprehensive involvement in the building lifecycle. This initiative aims to develop proprietary software that enhances productivity and efficiency, promoting a seamless integration of digital strategies into construction processes.

3. Sustainability and innovation

Lucy Homer emphasises the importance of innovation, particularly in the use of alternative materials to support sustainability. Her role involves collaborating across the global Lendlease business to drive innovations that align with their sustainability goals, ensuring long-term positive impacts on the environment.

4. Challenges and future of architecture

Lucy discusses the inefficiencies in traditional architectural practices, such as the redundancy of subcontractors redrawing architects’ plans. She advocates for architects to evolve their roles, focusing more on curating and standardising supply chain systems rather than designing everything bespoke, to remain relevant in an increasingly digitised industry.

5. Integration of onsite automation

Lucy shares her vision for the future of construction sites, where automation and robotics will play a significant role. She believes that creating factory environments onsite, rather than relying heavily on offsite prefabrication, will address logistical challenges and enhance construction efficiency.

These takeaways highlight Lucy Homer's insights into the transformative strategies at Lendlease, the evolving role of architects, and the future direction of the construction industry towards greater sustainability and digital integration.

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