In this episode of our Built Environment Matters podcast, Head of Global Systems Jaimie Johnston MBE is joined by Tim Coldwell, President of Canada's Chandos Construction.

Tim talks about being purpose-driven, 100% employee-owned, and the first and largest B Corp-certified commercial general contractor in North America. In addition to recycling construction waste on 100% of projects, Chandos is also working to advance collaboration and innovation in the construction industry through Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). 

Click the 'play button' above to listen in, or read our 5 Key Takeaways from Tim Coldwell's episode below...

1. Innovative leadership and corporate social responsibility:

Tim Coldwell’s role as President of Chandos showcases leadership that emphasises corporate social responsibility. Chandos, as North America’s first and largest B Corp-certified commercial general contractor, exemplifies commitment to environmental sustainability and diversity in hiring, including at-risk youth and underrepresented groups. This approach not only reshapes business ethics but also strategically aligns with innovative industry practices like Integrated Project Delivery.

2. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) as a game-changer:

Tim Coldwell highlighted IPD, describing it as a collaborative framework where multiple partners (e.g., general contractors, architects, and various consultants) work under a single multi-party contract. This model ensures shared risks and rewards, which significantly enhances alignment and efficiency among stakeholders. This approach, which Chandos advocates for, represents a shift towards more cooperative and integrated methods in the construction industry, promising better project outcomes and sustainability.

3. Focus on community and inclusion:

Through various initiatives, including the use of social procurement mechanisms and community benefit agreements, Chandos leverages its projects to provide social value. These efforts are aligned with IPD principles by ensuring that projects not only meet technical specifications but also contribute positively to the communities involved.

4. Economic and workforce impact:

Tim’s personal journey from an at-risk youth to a prominent business leader underlines the transformative power of inclusive employment practices. He underscores the critical need for the construction industry to address workforce shortages through innovative approaches like IPD, which can attract and retain talent by emphasising collaboration and community impact.

5. Potential for widespread adoption of IPD:

While discussing the adoption of IPD across the industry, Tim notes the stability and success of this approach based on research and personal experience. The model has shown high success rates in North America, suggesting a promising future for its broader application. This could lead to a fundamental shift in project delivery, making it a pivotal point for the industry's evolution towards more integrated and collaborative practices.

These takeaways highlight the pivotal role of Integrated Project Delivery in transforming the construction industry towards more sustainable, inclusive, and efficient practices, as advocated by leaders like Tim Coldwell.