This month at Bryden Wood...

1. Celebrating a double win at the NCE Techfest Awards 2021, and highly commended at AJ Architecture Awards.

We're delighted to have been the winners of two awards at the NCE Techfest Awards 2021. In the Design Efficiency category, our project with Landsec and Easi Space, The Forge, is the first major commercial building designed and constructed using our Platforms Approach to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (P-DfMA). Due for completion in 2022, the project aims to be the UK's first net zero office building. Judges commended the efficiencies enabled throughout the process, from design through to assembly.

Bryden Wood were also winners in the Transport Infrastructure Champion category for the ARC process. Working with Transport for London (TfL) and supported by Innovate UK, we've developed design automation technology for underground tunnel cabling upgrades that offers significant safety, time and cost benefits, as well as sizable carbon reductions. Judges recognised the project's ambition and potential for future transferability of the solution across different sectors.

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Additionally, we were also very pleased to be highly commended in the Health & Wellbeing category at the AJ Architecture Awards 2021. Huge congratulations to all involved in our Circle Rehabilitation Hospital project in Birmingham. The pioneering healthcare facility was designed to a grid of four and eight metre spaces using our Platforms approach to design and construction (P-DfMA). By designing to the commonalities between spaces, construction can make use of a standardised 'kit of parts'. This brings a wide variety of benefits, not least flexibility.

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2. Topping out The Forge.

Congratulations to our client Landsec on topping out The Forge, two sustainability focused commercial office buildings in central London, built around a publicly accessible internal courtyard. The project forecasts a 19.4% reduction in embodied carbon per square metre, a 36.4% carbon reduction in the substructure and 20.2% in the superstructure and façade.

Did you know that the practice of ‘Topping out’ dates back to pre-Dark Age Scandinavia, where a tree was placed on top of a new building to placate the tree dwelling spirits. The Scandinavian invaders of the mid-to-late 8th century then brought this tradition over to the UK.

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3. Professor Jacqui Glass writes about the importance of MMC in Architecture Today.

A fantastic article from Professor Jaqui Glass in Architecture Today about the importance of Modern Methods of Construction. Glass reminds us that technology has predicated every major architectural movement throughout history, and that we must harness the unique opportunities made possible by MMC: building more assets, of higher quality, faster, and all while opening up the process to a broader workforce. MMC won’t diminish creativity, says Glass, it will simply enable better use of an architect's creativity and time. She also offers practical advice as to how practices can expand the knowledge base within their teams.

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4. Built Environment Matters Podcast: addressing global challenges with Bryden Wood co-founder, Martin Wood and TerraPraxis co-founder, Kirsty Gogan.

Don’t miss the latest inspiring episodes of our Built Environment Matters podcast: Bryden Wood co-founder Martin Wood and TerraPraxis co-founder, Kirsty Gogan join Jaimie Johnston MBE to talk about addressing global challenges such as decarbonising energy production and trying to turn the tide on the climate crisis.

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5. Data Centre Design

Project Update: we’re redeveloping an existing site to house a 22MW data centre, site facilities, ancillary plant areas and services. The site is made more challenging by adjacent buildings, overhead power lines and underground drainage and utilities. To learn more about data centre design:

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