Bryden Wood is very pleased to be part of a new report from RICS and Autodesk which takes a global view of the challenges facing an industry that needs to construct ’13,000 buildings every day between now and 2050.’

Based on survey carried out before the Coronavirus pandemic, the report reinforces the fact that the issues that we faced a few months ago have not gone away – they have only been exacerbated.

The report looks at how ‘Industrialized Construction’ – their term for various modern methods of construction (MMC) – offers the most effective global solutions for the entire construction industry.

It discusses future approaches to design and construction, covering not just the physical construction of buildings, but also the process, including the use of data, the internet of things, robotics and automation. It looks at how roles in the industry must change, creating new integrated teams to facilitate construction and drive efficiency.

We welcome this addition to the growing body of opinion supporting automated construction and other MMC. As the report says, it is ‘a call to action for industry, government and academia to join forces to ensure the adoption of industrialized construction for transformational change in our industry.’

You can read the full report here.