Bryden Wood was appointed by Gammon Construction Ltd, a leading contractor in Hong Kong, to join their tender for the redevelopment of Terminal 2 at Hong Kong International Airport.

We were also a part of Gammon’s team for their bid for the airport’s new Third Runway Concourse and associated apron works. For both bids, we reviewed the tender stage design proposals and identified opportunities to apply a DfMA approach for the delivery of elements of the project. We carried out a design study for each opportunity to develop the DfMA solution in sufficient detail to allow the scale of potential benefits (eg. time, cost, material reduction and installation efficiency) to be better understood.

Bryden Wood provided a range of outputs for each of the DfMA design studies including drawings, schedules, calculations, BIM models, assembly and installation sequences and technical notes to fully explain the concept. The DfMA solutions we developed were
incorporated into Gammon’s tender for each of the projects. 

Gammon’s tender for the Terminal 2 redevelopment was successful and pre-construction works are now well underway. Following the tender award Bryden Wood and Gammon presented the DfMA opportunities that were explored in the tender stage to the Hong Kong
Airport Authority and it was agreed that some of the DfMA packages would be implemented on the project with the others to be reviewed later in the construction programme. We are now working to develop the design of the initial DfMA packages and preparing detailed
documentation for regulatory approval.

DfMA solutions were developed by Bryden Wood for many aspects of both projects including architectural fit out, superstructure and MEP elements. For the Terminal 2 redevelopment the packages that we explored in the bid stage were internal walls, trolley recirculation buildings, internal pedestrian link bridges, binnacles, volumetric and componentised toilets, retail and check-in island modules, maintenance walkways in the main roof, retail cabins and shopfronts, and feature ceilings on the railway station platforms. The initial packages that are being further developed post-tender award are the main roof maintenance walkways and internal link bridges.

For the Third Runway Concourse bid, we also developed DfMA solutions for volumetric and prefabricated toilets, binnacles and retail cabins as well as the following additional packages: volumetric transit hotel rooms, fixed link bridges, ancillary buildings and an integrated prefabricated solution for the air traffic control tower.