Prefabricated steel wastewater treatment system

The Anglian Water Uttons Drove Wastewater Treatment Works project was a component-based prefabricated construction system approach to an Anglian Water wastewater treatment plant.

Bryden Wood were appointed to provide multidisciplinary consultancy services.

This included structural, civil engineering, DfMA, architectural and building services engineering (roads and pavement design by others). The project included the construction of two large circular tanks, one large square tank and several smaller support structures. One of the major objectives was to transfer as much of the construction as possible off site with the intention of significantly reducing time on site and accelerating the overall programme.

Instead of using a traditional civil engineering approach (ie. ‘digging a large hole and lining it with concrete’) the assets were located above ground and delivered using DfMA techniques, as would be typical in an oil and gas facility. The extra cost of pumping the water over the life-cycle of the asset is a fraction of the cost of creating a large submerged concrete facility.

How we added value:

  • Above ground assets resulted in improved accessibility for
  • No major ground excavation required resulting in significant time,
    cost and carbon savings.
  • Modular offsite construction resulting in accelerated on site
  • The scheme was delivered with 48% reduced embodied carbon
    and 15% lower capital cost.