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Jaimie Johnston MBE, Head of Global Systems at Bryden Wood, has an engaging conversation with the 'Queen of Prefab', Amy Marks, the Vice President of Enterprise Transformation Practice at Autodesk. Together, they delve into the dynamic world of the Advancing Prefab conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

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1. Advancing Prefab: Not Just Another Conference

The Advancing Prefab event, now in its seventh year, has earned a reputation as an essential gathering for the construction industry. With an attendee list of approximately 1,200 individuals, this event is a hive of opportunity. The multi-day event covers diverse tracks, including "The Owner's Playbook", "Prefabrication and Facilities", "Building Information and Digital Workflows", and many more. Last year also saw the introduction of the 'Market Application Day', offering insights into various construction sectors like hospitals, manufacturing and data centers.

2. Exhibition Hall A Glimpse into Real-world Solutions

While futuristic tech and innovations are always exciting, the event's exhibition hall sets itself apart by focusing on practical, current technology for the construction industry. The essence is on tangible solutions - tech that attendees can integrate into their projects right away.

3. Building Genuine Connections

Unlike many industry events that can often feel a tad impersonal, attendees at Advancing Prefab cherish its open and interactive ambiance. The emphasis is on real-world experiences, with participants generously sharing both their triumphs and tribulations. This creates an environment where learning is a communal effort, aimed at transforming the industry in unison.

4. Networking and After-Show Activities

Beyond the insightful panels and discussions, Advancing Prefab is also renowned for its vibrant social calendar. Every night, attendees are invited to a plethora of after-show gatherings, from official parties to impromptu meet-ups. This emphasis on the social aspect ensures attendees not only gain knowledge but also foster meaningful connections within the industry.

5. 2023's Unique Feature: Live Research Session

In a move to make the event even more interactive, this year introduces a one-hour live research session. Here, attendees will explore various contemporary topics like embodied carbon solutions and integrated factory modeling. But it's not just about passive learning; participants will actively engage in live research, directly inputting their thoughts and opinions via their phones.

In conclusion, the Advancing Prefab event in Phoenix, Arizona, scheduled for the 13th and 14th of March, promises to be a blend of innovation, learning, and networking. Whether you're an industry newbie or a seasoned professional, there's something for everyone.