Don’t miss this episode of our Built Environment Matters podcast focusing on Hospital Design and Construction with Zig Rubel, president and CEO of Forsight Digital.

Zig talks with Jaimie Johnston MBE, Head of Global Systems at Bryden Wood, about using data to create better healthcare facilities. They discuss the roles of standardization and componentization in meeting future healthcare needs with new technology, as well as the evolution of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

Click the 'play button' above to listen in, or read our 5 Key Takeaways from Zig Rubel's episode below...

1. Revolutionizing Hospital Design with Digital Technology:

Zig Rubel's pioneering work in integrating digital technology with hospital design is a central theme of the podcast. His approach, which combines 30 years of experience in hospital design and construction with innovative digital solutions, underscores the transformative impact of technology in this field.

2. Data-Driven Approaches in Hospital Construction:

The podcast highlights the significance of using data-driven processes in hospital construction. Rubel’s insights into Forsight Digital's methodologies demonstrate how data can guide the planning and programming of healthcare facilities, leading to more efficient and effective hospital designs.

3. Evolving Trends in Hospital Design through Evidence-Based Approach:

Both Zig Rubel and host Jaimie Johnston MBE discuss the importance of evidence-based design in hospital construction. Their experiences underline the necessity of using concrete data and research to inform decisions, ensuring that hospital environments are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally efficient.

4. Integrated Project Delivery in Hospital Construction:

Zig's contribution to the American Institute of Architects guide for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is particularly relevant for hospital design and construction. This approach fosters collaboration among all stakeholders from the early stages of a project, leading to more cohesive and streamlined construction processes.

5. Future Directions and Global Trends in Hospital Design:

The podcast delves into future challenges and trends affecting hospital design and construction. It explores demographic changes, advancements in digital health, and the need for adaptable hospital facilities that can accommodate future technological innovations.


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