At first glance, landing a role within our team might seem out of reach for a school leaver with passionate interest, but little or no practical experience.  Not so.  We welcome apprentices and are an active participant in the government’s apprenticeship program, offering invaluable on the job training as a complementary experience to related, weekly college training.  It’s a unique opportunity for passionate, motivated young people to sink their teeth into the day-to-day of our innovative, technology led practice. We are working to transform the construction industry with our focus on efficiency and solution driven practices, such as Offsite and Design for Manufacturing.


Digital Delivery Apprentice Charlie Hall, first came on board with Bryden Wood after completing his GCSEs in 2016.  The focus of his work and training lie within the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering department, where he is actively engaged in expanding his knowledge base and skillset.  As a Bryden Wood apprentice, Charlie has had the unique opportunity to learn from colleagues, whilst receiving valuable training on integral industry software programs such as Revit, Navisworks and CAD.  ‘I work alongside Mechanical and Electrical Engineers,’ says Charlie, ‘modelling their design into Revit and producing drawings and 3D models...Depending on the project, I also attend project meetings and may even visit site.’


Hall is enthusiastic about his apprenticeship role at Bryden Wood, describing how the experience has not only fulfilled his expectations, but also advanced his ambitions. ‘I was always interested in engineering. I was unsure about what type of engineering I wanted to go into, but I kept my options open and looked into all aspects of engineering…  The idea of an apprenticeship appealed to me massively because I would be gaining work experience in a subject I enjoy and earning at the same time.’


Hall spent the first year of his apprenticeship working at Bryden Wood whilst attending Oakwoods college one day per week, completing his PEO in Engineering.  Following this, he advanced to study for a Level 3 BTEC in Engineering.  At the end of the current academic year, he will move into higher education, working towards a part time degree in Building Services Engineering. ‘At school, I wasn’t in the mindset that I would go on to university, but there are opportunities to go on to university through an apprenticeship.  Since starting work at Bryden Wood my mindset has changed and I think I would like to now move on to higher education.’


Speaking about what initially drew him to Bryden Wood, Charlie enthuses about both the practical advantages (the company is close to his home) and the career development opportunities provided by this unique practice whose core principles and activities so captured his interest.  He was also impressed by the potential for further development.  ‘Bryden Wood appealed to me massively,’ says Hall, ‘as a company who are expanding rapidly.’  However the best thing about them, he says, is that they are a multi-discipline company, which ‘allows for the potential of working on a wide range projects.


Hall says the thing he finds most enjoyable about his apprenticeship position is that it enables him to work on ‘live projects’ where he is given the opportunity and responsibility to assist in work going out.  He also enjoys travelling from his St. Albans base, either to Bryden Wood’s London office or to visit projects/buildings he has worked on. ‘I’ve worked on a number of different projects since I joined,’ says Hall.  ‘No two projects have been the same and I have enjoyed working on them all.’


When asked about the biggest challenge of his apprenticeship so far, Charlie says, ‘Upon joining Bryden Wood, I came straight from school.  It was my first full time job and I didn’t know what to expect.’


That the experience has been a positive one for him is clear.  ‘To other people leaving school, I would 100% recommend an apprenticeship.’ he says.  ‘Since leaving school I have learnt so much and I am only going to continue to learn. I feel I would not have come this far if I were to only stay on at sixth form. It does not restrict any chances of going into university and you may even get some support from the company when wanting to achieve a degree...  I will be in no debt.’


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