Our Melbourne office has recently been involved in the “Homes to Help” project by the Women’s Property Initiative (WPI) in regional Victoria. Homes to Help is a pilot program to train trade students in producing manufactured housing for vulnerable women and their families. Through the program, WPI aim to provide long-term housing to women of all ages who have escaped family violence.  


We provided structural engineering and DfMA design services to the client including construction issue drawings. We are proud to have supported this important project providing strong social value in the community. It is great to see initiatives like this leveraging the benefits of DfMA to improve people’s lives.

The combined structural framing that we designed and documented in collaboration with the manufacturer.
Here we demonstrate the relationship between the steel floor frame (chassis) for the three separate modules and the associated in-ground footing system. The steel frames will be fabricated by a team of welding apprentices.
Here we highlight the configuration of prefabricated timber wall frames that are directly supported by the steel floor frames beneath. The timber wall frames will be fabricated by a team of apprentices studying carpentry.
This is a 3D view of the timber roof framing that will also be fabricated by the carpentry apprentices. The image shows a combination of pre-fabricated frames delivered with the modules that were manufactured offsite, together with timber rafters that need to be installed onsite above the garage.