Adrian is a chartered chemical engineer with over thirty years’ experience in the design and development of biochemical and chemical processes and facilities. Since joining Bryden Wood in 2018, he has played a leading role in a wide range of front-end projects and the development of Bryden Wood’s industrial sectors capability.

Adrian currently leads the growing process engineering team at Bryden Wood, further adapting the practice of design to value, integrated design, systemisation and design for manufacture and assembly to a range of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial and process sector projects.

Adrian’s previous roles span major engineering and construction companies, blue-chip manufacturing, and consultancy, across Europe, the US and Singapore. Prior to joining Bryden Wood, he led the technical development and process engineering on complex projects in diverse sectors, particularly pharmaceuticals and vaccines but extending to food, fine chemicals, consumer products, battery technology, industrial fibres, waste treatment and nuclear. His roles have included lead process engineer and technology manager on numerous projects, head of process engineering and technology director and project management. In the latter he has specialised in early-stage project development, working in British Nuclear Group’s decommissioning group and with GSK’s global project development group (the ‘front-end-factory’).

He specialises in the application of process simulation to capital projects, particularly the application of tools commonly used in other sectors, such as dynamic and discrete-event methods and batch processes. Adrian has developed and led approaches to managing process development and scale-up projects, and their integration with capital projects.