Ionut joined Bryden Wood in August 2013 and is responsible for modelling using the latest BIM software to produce a high level of coordination between all disciplines at BWL.

His training in Structural Engineering equips him with great understanding of the drawing work required and the structural systems being modelled.

Since joining BWL Ionut has been involved in a variety of different schemes for a range of clients including SPb Renovation, Gatwick, GlaxoSmithKline and Heathrow Airport. Ionut works diligently to create a seamless process from conception to realisation within the Structures field. His work towards devising a strategy of installation for Crossrail is exemplary of this and will be used in the ongoing Crossrail developments. For the GSK Beta Build project Ionut developed a series of visual directions that were integral in communicating how the process of construction comes together. Both examples indicate Ionut’s ability to respond to complex projects and the way in which he thrives on a challenge.