EcoCanopy is a component-based prefabricated building system comprised of a series of standard roof, wall and floor elements.

The factory environment in which EcoCanopy is produced ensures a high level of quality, reliability and cost certainty.

EcoCanopy is based on a plan module that can be configured to suit requirements as small as a standalone classroom and as large as a complete school. A variety of internal spaces can be achieved, with a clear internal span of over 8m. Floor to ceiling heights can vary to suit the function of the room or hall.

EcoCanopy can be deployed in any environment where reduced cost and programme are important factors, and is ideally suited to education applications.

EcoCanopy uses design discipline and manufacturing economy to drive down costs and increase quality. It is more affordable than traditionally procured buildings, yet offers higher quality construction, materials and finish. The lower cost of EcoCanopy does not result in a reduction in quality of building, services or materials used. Savings are made through the efficient manufacturing process and reductions in material wastage, labour content, transportation/delivery costs and site preliminaries.