Bryden Wood worked with Waterfield Tech and Global Switch to develop the world’s first global internet switch station, in a disused factory building in Paris.

The project comprised the conversion of a 28000m2, multi-storey factory building into a co-location facility. The project comprised a full design service, from masterplanning the complex to the detailed design coordination of critical services, installed into the existing monumental concrete structure.

The building provides 35,000m2 of intensely serviced data suites.

Phase 2: Administration Building

The second phase of the Paris project was the refurbishment of a 5000m2 1970s office block adjacent to the factory building used by the telecommunications company GTS, a co-location tenant in phase one of the Global Switch (Paris). The administration building provides office and meeting space for tenants with technical space within the factory building.

The 8000m2 project comprises technical space and sales suites for potential clients. Bryden Wood developed a standard model for the Paris Switch that GTS would use globally in all of their centres. The form of the sales suites permits views into reception and into the technical area. Stainless steel shutters allow full enclosure of the area, permitting privacy and security.

The £6m refurbishment is dominated by a new atrium which provides dramatic light filled space that encloses the disparate series of concrete structures to the rear of the building. The structures provide a support for the new stair and bridges which, together with a new lift, allow tenants easy movement between office and technical space.