Agata joined Bryden Wood in February 2018, having completed a Master’s degree in Architecture from University of East London. Throughout her studies, Agata worked on research and computation-driven projects incorporating prefabricated and modular forms and challenging structural solutions.

Prior to the Master’s degree, Agata has previously worked across all RIBA work stages at a range of different practices in London specializing mainly in residential and commercial schemes. She has also been involved in developing a research publication on how design of prisons can have a significant impact on a health and wellbeing, acting as a restriction or a tool in a process of rehabilitation in prisons. The research aimed to develop a set of design principles, which could usher-in a new generation of prisons.

Since joining Bryden Wood, Agata has been involved in a concept design of a new generation of custodial estate for young offenders. She strongly believes that better design of custodial buildings can have a positive impact on a process of rehabilitation and resettlement and consequently reduction in re-offending.