Amin joined Bryden Wood in June 2015.

Since joining Amin has worked on the ‘Smart Motorways’ project for the Highways Agency applying his computational knowledge at both a macro and micro scale. As well as working with ‘big data’ across the motorway network the project also focuses on optimising the placement of detailed design assemblies.

Amin has been involved in collecting knowledge from consultants in different disciplines. This collaborative work with stake holders and key professionals gathers diverse knowledge allowing comments to be pooled and applied to the next iteration of design. As part of this project Amin has worked on developing a BIM component library, exemplar model and large scale data visualisation for Highways Agency, deepening his experience in the infrastructure sectors.

His role includes collection, manipulation and visualisation of a range of data types and formats, in both 2D and 3D. By focusing data into a 3D format Amin creates multiple forms of data simulation to see how they affect each other. This delivers layers of information that give clear correlations which are then used to offer multiple solutions. Amin is also responsible for producing the documentation that supports the project work-flows.

Amin finds it enjoyable to work on unusual and challenging projects. He is interested in applying research in material, biological and robotic systems in architecture and urban scales through computational processes which are instruments of analysis and design. His research is concerned with how responsiveness can shape the process of design. Formulating notions of how the nature of a material can be exploited to improve its performance and ultimately leading to novel spatial experiences. Amin continues to find ways of integrating his findings into the active practice of architecture.