Cristina is an ARB-registered architect with a Master's Degree in Architecture.

Prior to joining Bryden Wood, in March 2017, her extensive experience as an architect in China equipped her to work across sectors and scales in demanding environments, adding to her detail-oriented approach to architecture, learned during her training and work in Spain.

Since joining Bryden Wood, Cristina has been responsible for a project in office space planning. Engaging stakeholders in the early stages, she helped to gain an understanding of the client´s working methods, articulating the operational requirements that aligned with those, and translating them into Design Principles. Further on, this has served as a tool to evaluate a number of properties, bringing additional value by improving their working culture, and making it extensive across their geographical locations. 

Cristina is currently the project architect for Igus, one of the office´s longest ongoing projects. The original concept for the factory complex was envisioned to allow for future expansions. Working on its Phase 8, Cristina´s coordination of disciplines and collaborators ensures that new solutions required by current conditions are consistent with the bespoke original design, which has become essential to the identity of the German manufacturer.

More recently, her involvement in the concept design of a GSK biopharmaceutical facility has allowed her to advance in the use of BIM solutions in the development and delivery of projects.

Cristina is keen in bringing ideas to reality, and particularly enjoys the collaboration with diverse disciplines required in the process of architectural and urban projects.