Emilio joined Bryden Wood in 2013 while finishing his architectural Master degree in Madrid.

During the first year he worked on a large scale mixed-use residential development, helping a dedicated international team in the design of high rise residential buildings using pre-fabricated solutions. During this process he gained experience delivering solutions using BIM. This included creating complex parametric families and visualisations, skills that he continues to develop in current projects.

After graduating, and due to his flexibility and quick adaptability, he continued to work on a wide range of projects including GSK system design, Gatwick Airport Pier 1, GSK I-centre and different architectural bids. Emilio became the project architect in the refurbishment of Spine house where the demands of the project put him in contact with a careful design and sophisticated detailing. Parallel to this, he assumed the role of project architect on a beach house in Florida, a unique holiday home for a private client, where he leads the design under the direction of Mark Bryden and Sir Nicholas Grimshaw.