Emma successfully completed her Part Three studies in October 2018 and joined Bryden Wood shortly after in February 2019 looking to broaden her experience in the construction industry.

Throughout her studies, Emma worked for a small practice based in Clerkenwell, where she led a number of residential schemes ranging from home extensions to small developments of apartments. Emma was extensively involved in both the planning process and construction of schemes, working directly with clients, contractors and other consultants to coordinate the projects.

During her Master’s degree, Emma developed a keen interest in research-based, and data led design, with her design projects being led by environmental data collected on site, and through desktop research. These projects included tackling climate change and the rapidly rising sea level in the Maldives with Architecture, and exploring how the built environment can alleviate flooding caused by the cities infrastructure in Chennai.

Since joining Bryden Wood, Emma has been working on a modular housing scheme, expanding her knowledge in DfMA and offsite construction.