Before joining Bryden Wood as an Analyst, George studied at Durham University for his BA in Archaeology and then for his MA in Ancient Philosophy. At Durham George developed an interest in social values and how they can be improved. With challenging how things are done being at the core of Bryden Wood's philosophy this translated to his pursuit of Analytics and a desire to contribute to improving our processes.

Having worked on a variety of projects, George has experience in several sectors, with Data Centres, Hospitals, Pharma, Industrial Processes, and Infrastructure being the main categories he's worked in but also shorter studies into processes for Consumer Goods and Travel. These projects have tested George's analytical skills in multiple ways, including market research, process evaluation, model building in a variety of software (including Anylogic), and reporting findings.

George has a strong passion for our environmental impact, writing an article for us on the benefits and process behind Carbon Capture in the production of industrial plastics.

He is keen to share his experience with project teams, and to continue to learn innovative and detailed skills. He strongly believes that incorporating Analytics approaches within the construction sector can be a leading solution for achieving social and environmental sustainability through targeted improvements.