Livia is inspired by how chemical engineering helps us reimagine, reshape and reform our industrial practices to achieve environmental, economic, and social sustainability with cutting-edge technology.

As a data scientist, she is committed to exploring innovative avenues to propel digitalisation within the chemical sector. Her goal is to enhance efficiency and minimise waste, in turn serving businesses and the environment.

Bringing to bear her twenty years of experience in the modelling and simulation of biochemical and chemical processes, Livia has contributed to scientific advancements across an array of sectors. Her repertoire extends from petrochemical and fine chemistry to agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. As a technology expert and project manager she has had the opportunity to work at the forefront of innovation within the life-sciences and chemical sectors.

Livia completed her PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at Yale University. Her doctoral research investigated the thermodynamics of surfactant molecular self-assembly. For her postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany, Livia performed molecular dynamics simulations of complex polymer systems while contributing to the development of a software package for the simulation and analysis of soft-matter systems.

Livia joined Bryden Wood in 2022 after having previously worked in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Germany.