Markus Huber (MSc Hons, CEngMICE) is Board Director and Head of several disciplines including Structural, Civil and Façade Engineering, and Systemisation.

Markus joined Bryden Wood in 2010 and has been instrumental in its expansion from disruptive start-up to 300+ people across 10 offices worldwide. Markus is responsible for 100 people across the company and manages a significant portion of operations globally. Together with colleagues, he plays a key role in developing Bryden Wood’s Platforms approach to DfMA and innovations in Industrialised Construction.

During his time at Bryden Wood, Markus has led projects in a variety of sectors in the UK and internationally including private and public healthcare facilities, residential, education, aviation, process facilities and defence. Furthermore, he has been responsible for leading the company’s work on infrastructure projects including a wastewater plant, Crossrail, Network Rail and National Highways. Markus and his team provide a true end-to-end service to construction and fabrication level with a focus on practical innovation and improvements to construction. As part of this, his team develops industry-leading BIM models and special digital tools including 4d output and links to factories, machinery, and logistics systems.

Before joining Bryden Wood, Markus worked as a Project Engineer in the UK, Europe, and overseas in different sectors, including specialist design for blast-resistant buildings.

Markus has a track record of achieving significant cost and programme savings. He is closely involved during procurement and construction stages on his projects, and is always prepared to assist to achieve optimum solutions for both clients and contractors.