Head of the Civil Engineering department, Michael leads the development and ensures the overall success of the team. 

With a broad range of expertise in both civil and structural engineering, and extensive experience working within a collaborative multidisciplinary team, Michael excels at upholding the highest standards of coordination and quality.

Michael joined Bryden Wood in 2012 and has been central to the continued success and improvement of the civil engineering department and ensuring the integration of the civil workstreams into the advanced BIM environment utilised at Bryden Wood.  Through his experience working on a large range of projects from diverse sectors, Michael has demonstrated his ability to effectively and creatively solve complex design problems and respond to the challenges of rapidly changing project landscapes by pre-empting risks and proactively seeking solutions.

With a commitment to innovation, Michael has been at the forefront of developing a number of technological advancements to help leverage the benefits of a data-rich model environment, including advanced visualisation capabilities and introducing virtual reality as a practical tool for projects.