Peyman Yazdi is a passionate and driven individual based in Melbourne, Australia. He has always been fascinated by the world of design and architecture, which led him to pursue a career as a BIM (Building Information Modelling) technician.

His journey in the design field began when he acquired an interior design certificate, where he learned to bring creativity and functionality together to create stunning spaces that leave a lasting impression. Building on this foundation, he obtained a Diploma in building design, honing his skills in understanding the technical aspects of architectural planning and construction.

In October 2022, Peyman embarked on a new chapter in his professional life, joining BW. Since then, he has been integral to the systemisation and Architecture teams, contributing his expertise and knowledge to streamline processes and enhance project outcomes.

Continuing his quest for knowledge and growth, Peyman is pursuing his Architecture degree at RMIT University in Melbourne. This educational journey has expanded his horizons and allowed him to explore architecture more comprehensively and theoretically, enriching his understanding of the discipline.

As a BIM technician, Peyman has been fortunate enough to witness the profound impact technology and innovation can have on the architectural industry. He firmly believes in the power of BIM to revolutionise how we design, construct, and manage buildings. Through his work, he strives to leverage BIM tools and methodologies to create sustainable, efficient, and visually appealing spaces that positively impact the lives of those who inhabit them.

Outside of work and studies, Peyman is an avid traveller and loves to immerse himself in different cultures and architectural styles worldwide. He finds inspiration in the rich history and unique designs in various places, and he often incorporates these diverse influences into his creative process.

In conclusion, Peyman is a dedicated and enthusiastic individual committed to making a meaningful contribution to the world of architecture. With a strong background in design, a passion for BIM, and ongoing academic pursuits, he eagerly looks forward to a future where he can leave a lasting mark on the architectural landscape while continuing to learn and grow in this ever-evolving field.