Suyeun joined Bryden Wood as a DfMA Architectural Designer in 2019.

Before joining Bryden Wood, she worked for 7 years at a construction company in South Korea. She provided one-stop services in prefabricated modular systems – from project inception to completion, which allowed her to specialise in DfMA in the construction industry.

Having worked as a modular design professional for ODA projects, Suyeun is especially interested in exploring how technology can improve social values. This led to her MSc in development, where she gained a global perspective in promoting a sustainable society through technical development.

Since joining Bryden Wood, Suyeun has been involved in projects which require her experience and knowledge in DfMA principles such as: L&G Modular homes, Landsec Sumner Street (The Forge), and Bouygues façade engineering.

She is keen to share her experience with project teams, and to continue to learn innovative and detailed skills. She strongly believes that flexible DfMA approaches can be a leading solution for achieving social and environmental sustainability.