Valerie moved from Toronto, Canada to the UK and began working at Bryden Wood in February 2014.

Valerie started working on the reception desk dealing with guests and day to day administrative duties. She then branched off into Document Control with her main focus on Heathrow. Valerie continues to administer document control for Heathrow in which she is responsible for: the creation of numbers for documents, making sure documents meet HAL standards, and the distribution and retrieval of information from various document management systems.

Recently Valerie has begun venturing in Project Control. This begins with working closely with our software to ensure employees are set up correctly and projects are created. Further from this Valerie works with project managers and job runners to ensure that project information is kept up to date and accurate within the system. This includes the resourcing of employees to projects, project fees, fee schedules, forecasted invoices, expenses, time sheets, and any other vital project information. After gathering all this, Valerie works with the Elena Lopez to create and issue invoices to the clients.