This long term programme requires ambitious construction in difficult, varied and often underdeveloped markets.

GSK wants to bring best practice to all new facilities to minimise cost and delivery in an unprecedented time frame. A challenge of ‘zero incident, zero defect, zero waste’ has been set for the delivery of the new facilities.

Furthermore, the status quo of delivering using tried and tested procurement routes was to be abandoned in favour of a higher risk but transparent alternative of building the required expertise in-house and retaining GSK control of facility design, construction, operation / maintenance and critical cost transparency and learning.

Bryden Wood’s solution is the ‘Factory in a Box’ system which centres around the principle of rapid, safe site construction delivered through composite DfMA ‘components’ that can be shipped out of Europe or procured locally depending on the availability of local, capable construction infrastructure.

In addition, mass customisation and future-flexibility is provided in line with the business needs whilst providing standard materials and infrastructure that provides familiar and best practice operation and maintenance.

A prototype building was produced as a demonstration of quality and compliance and as a show case of the Africa 2020 vision for other parts of the GSK business. In addition to proving the design aspirations this critically allowed for ‘lessons learned’ to happen for the first time in the UK, rather than in the higher risk African context.

Finally, the true cost and time required to erect facilities is now fully understood following completion of the first built example.