The Pier Segregation projects at Heathrow and Gatwick airports were complex projects where a passenger router was supported between a host of existing structures.

The factory assembled modules form fully serviced, interlocking corridor units, providing the only effective solution to an otherwise virtually insurmountable construction problem: a restricted access site, adjacent to an operational runway on top of an existing terminal. 

As well as responding to the airports drivers for speed and reduced impact it was found that the corridor product improved safety through reduced site work, quality through the manufacturing approach, and predictability through pre-engineering. A modular, factory finished solution was designed and delivered that took 80% of delivery offsite.

The result was a product solution incorporating over 1.5km of pier segregated corridor which could be incorporated into a range of existing environments. The total cost saving over 4 projects was £15.5 million, or 36% versus traditional construction. It was also rated as better performing in health and safety and build quality compared to typical traditionally built BAA capital projects.