Bryden Wood are an Integrated Design and Operations Consultancy for the built environment. We are uniquely able to improve outcomes and anchor design in delivery by using data to visualise and beta test the future of an asset at the very beginning. Our vision is to deliver efficient, effective, and innovative quality and environmental solutions to our Clients.

Bryden Wood have always been driven by efficiency and value, striving to use less material and energy whilst achieving superior aesthetics and outcomes. It's an approach that adds not just value, but enshrines sustainability, by taking practical measures to protect the natural environment by prevention of pollution, global warming, and damage to the eco-system and depletion of natural resources.

Key to our business ethos is maintaining the ‘mentality’ of a small practice – encouraging staff to take ownership of projects, being quick to adapt to new ideas or techniques, good interaction between staff – while being able to compete with much larger firms in terms of the quality of service and professionalism. This is achieved by ensuring a lean, efficient office and by developing the tools that allow the practice to continue to grow while adhering to these principles, and by aiming to comply with relevant legislation, regulations, industry codes of practice and statutory directives related to quality and the environment.

We achieve or exceed by regularly setting and reviewing business and environmental objectives to ensure a successful business and reputation. We want to promote the protection and improvement of the environment by implementing effective environmental management systems to minimise, whenever and wherever practical, the harmful impact of our business operations on the environment by means of a programme of continual improvement.

We offer each of our clients the highest standard of professional service. We will work with them to fulfil and, where possible, exceed their needs and expectations whilst meeting appropriate regulatory, safety and other standards. Seeking to influence clients and partners to adopt design solutions which are efficient in the use of energy and natural resources.

Directors ensure, through regular review, briefing and appraisal that all staff maintain a high level of knowledge and expertise. Achievement of this policy involves all staff, who is individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in the continually improving working environment for all. To achieve and maintain the required level of assurance, the Director provides leadership and retains responsibility for the Quality and Environmental Management System, with routine operation controlled by the ISO Coordinator.

Ian Pegrum

Board Director