Industrialised Construction (IC) is how we’re transforming productivity in construction combining manufacturing processes with new technologies.

Industrialised construction has become a widely used phrase to describe a construction industry that looks more like the manufacturing sector, where scalability and repeatability are the keys to success.

At Bryden Wood, this means combining our platforms/P-DfMA approach to design and construction, with Creative Technologies to automate design.  

With P-DfMA, kits of manufactured building components enable standardisation at parts level while allowing design freedom at asset level. In a setting that resembles a factory more than a construction site, these manufactured, tech-rich components are put together efficiently and accurately. Getting more productive with each use, the same kit can deliver buildings of many types. 

We’re forging a new path for IC that brings P-DfMA together with digital design configurators, and new commercial models.  

At Bryden Wood, we develop new, ownable, creative technologies to enable automated design and allow industrialised construction to take root.

Creative use of technology, such as digital design configurators, helps our clients to decide how, when, and where they develop in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Design configurators use genetic algorithms to generate thousands of design and engineering solutions, meaning a school can be designed in hours, or the viability of a new data centre tested in minutes. These digital tools are pushing the boundaries of what architects and designers can do, not only for buildings, but for infrastructure on a global level. 

IC will have a profound effect on the supply chain as the need for manufactured components creates a new, open marketplace for materials manufacturers to expand their capabilities. Commercial models are rapidly changing and adapting to IC in what may become a wholesale shift in the way the construction sector operates.  

Industrialised construction is fundamentally changing how we work. With our distinct approach, we’re driving this change rather than simply adapting to it.  


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