igus Phase 8 is a new 20,000m2 facility in Cologne, Germany, designed as an expansion of the client’s existing campus. Bryden Wood has provided integrated design services for this project across all works stages. 


Phase 8 is comprised of two production halls, the first of which is scheduled for completion at the end of 2023. 

The project lies across the road from igus’s main factory building, designed initially in the 1990s by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw and subsequently expanded in stages by Bryden Wood (Phases 1-7). The design philosophy of Phase 8 references that of the existing building, whilst adapting to the site constraints and delivering a building that meets modern building regulations. 

The roof of the facility is supported from external steel pylons, enabling an almost column-free interior to the production spaces. These 17 pylons stand outboard along both sides of the building.

Within the production facility there is a two-storey installation housing ancillary spaces including office areas, meeting rooms, and a canteen. Large areas of glazing in these areas allow uninterrupted views out across the rest of the igus campus. 

The roof landscape across Phase 8 is articulated with 136 glass-reinforced plastic roof domes, continuing the language of the existing facility. These domes bring diffuse northern light deep into the production areas throughout the day. 

A large photovoltaic array is currently being installed across the roof of Phase 8, enabling the facility to provide a large portion of its operational energy requirements.