Maximizing value from physical assets is something we strive to do with every client. As architects and designers with expertise in industrialized construction, we are looking to develop beautiful, functional buildings, but we also want every building to deliver value for the footprint it occupies.

We have built our award-winning architecture and design team over the last 25 years. We've made it a priority to understand the capabilities our clients would want us to have and then develop those skills and competencies. We then deploy these skills in an integrated way to generate high quality ideas that transform our clients’ operations and built assets. Our integrated design approach is helping to shape the future of the construction industry.

The Benefits of Early Engagement and AI in Integrated Design 

We like to get involved in a project at its inception, where its strategic purpose can be analyzed, tested and defined. We do this to make sure that with our unique blend of technologists, analysts and designers we’re able to help our clients ideate and assess how we can translate their different goals — commercial or other — into a physical, built asset. This is the basis of our Design to Value approach.

Every project starts with listening to our client. We work closely with their subject matter experts using a rules-based approach that allows artificial intelligence (AI) to generate multiple ideas and scenarios. We identify the central problem statement against which we will test and evaluate each option, making sure it delivers the required outcome.

Construction technology is fundamental to our process, and data drives everything we do. We measure options against a huge range of relevant value drivers, and apply the best new technology to empower our design principles.

A Process Engineering Approach To Drive Value

We pioneered our Design to Value approach with pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Delivering manufacturing capacity in the most efficient way was the primary value driver. We used analytical modeling to assess existing assets and Chip thinking® to engineer different design options. This data driven evaluation allowed investment decisions to be made with a very broad range of options.

Since then, our integrated design projects have often resulted from acquisitions and mergers; the need to take advantage of a changing business plan; new product introduction or transitioning products approaching the end of their commercial life; enhancing manufacturing techniques to bring automation or robotics into existing facilities.

Whatever the project, we bring our unique ability and experience to identify and deliver the value our clients are looking for. Where speed and schedule are everything, we can apply our experience in Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) and off-site engineering. If you require rapid deployment of similar built assets, we look to construction Platform design to develop a system that can deliver a standard kit-of-parts.

Working With You To Deliver the Best Built Asset

This process is not simple. It takes time, energy and commitment. We advise clients to expect the unexpected. This work can often result in a facility that’s different from the one that was originally envisaged, or we may even decide to optimize the use of an existing asset rather than building a new one.

Our passion for construction technology and our Design to Value (DtV) approach knows no limits. With a blend of design, analytical thinking and creative technology, DtV truly plays to our integrated design strengths, allowing us to interpret value into an, attractive, effective and more sustainable physical asset for our clients.