Computational design graphic illustrating Bryden Wood's Design to Value approach.

The process of delivering built assets has become fragmented. As a result, value is diluted at every stage.

Design to Value – a unifying approach

The most efficient route to the most efficient solution is first to make sure you analyse and understand a project from every angle. Maximising the value of an asset is finding the right balance of a wide range of criteria.

Design to Value is well understood and applied in the manufacturing industries. It leads to objective analysis of every aspect of a process, every element of resource requirement, energy consumption, knowledge, and cost. It leads to testing of the value parameters each of these elements is being measured against. It is rigorous, logical and data-driven. Its application in construction is transformational.

Design to Value may lead to a solution that is very different to the one initially conceived, but it will be a solution that is fully thought through, appropriate and complete. A built asset that delivers value across the piece.

Iterate in digital

Our approach is to dismantle a process rigorously until we reduce it to its smallest components. Then we call on a breadth and depth of expertise to optimise every component, so that when we combine them in the complete solution, the whole will operate to the maximum efficiency of all of its parts.

From the earliest stages, we work with 3-D visualisations of processes and physical assets. This allows us to iterate and test many variables. Users can take a virtual reality walk through the process, to test the physical environment and anticipate issues.

Automation in construction

There are many elements of built assets that are, or could be, automated or standardised across multiple processes in one or more sectors and industries. The benefits of standardisation are visible every day in the manufacturing industry, at global scale. We bring them to construction, in our Platforms approach to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (P-DfMA).

A proven approach

We do not come to any project with a ready-made solution. We bring only our Design to Value approach, using the combined powers of data, technology and imagination to establish what the most effective solution will be.

We have been working this way for over 25 years, delivering major projects in pharmaceutical and process facilities, data centres, aviation, healthcare, education, residential, water infrastructure, transport infrastructure, custodial facilities.

Design to Value is proven to deliver better results for our clients - and for the built environment.