Bryden Wood were appointed by Mace to deliver a prefabricated solution for the 4,000m² Temporary Flight Connections Centre (FCC) at London Heathrow Terminal 3, to serve 9,000 passengers a day.

The solution is based on a portal frame structure and is designed to be rapidly deployable in a highly restricted environment. The building is located on an operating aircraft apron with live aircraft movements in the immediate vicinity.

The site is shared with an aircraft stand and reducing the construction period meant that the stand could attract revenue for a longer period prior to closure.

A combination of volumetric and panelised prefabricated systems were used to ensure rapid assembly during night time hours when the airport is closed.

Since the majority of construction was taken off site the impact on airport operations was minimised and the number of personnel on site was reduced by almost 75%.

The result was an exemplary safety record; zero RIDDORs, Lost Time Injuries and operational impacts. Costs were reduced by 27% and construction time scale reduced by 38% compared to traditional build. The total length of stand closures was reduced by 6 months giving £1.2m saving in prelims alone.