Interior photo of the atrium in Great Western Studios, London

With an integrated approach to problems, Bryden Wood brings together the best in engineering, architecture, and digital technologies to revolutionise data centre design.

We offer data centre clients the following:

  • Mission Critical Power and Cooling design
  • RIBA 1-5 CSA Building design, optimisation and integration
  • Reference design and kit of part design experts
  • Lead designers
  • Internal / External CFD / Pipeflo / Short Break Analysis, Buffer Vessel Sizing
  • Procurement and DfMA strategy
  • Cloud-based Advanced BIM modelling 
  • Automatic building configuration software development
  • Sustainability/Energy strategies, LEED or BREEAM, Energy modelling, Whole Life Cycle Carbon Analysis
  • Client Representative 
  • Site support and building life cycle analysis
  • Local code analysis
  • Telecoms and security design services  

Why us?

We have worked closely with the biggest names in the hyperscale business for many years and have an intimate understanding of what drives their businesses.

Efficient design of both the white space and supporting technical equipment, along with our focus on close coupling systems, reduces distribution costs and avoids wasted space.

We’ve created masterplans for hundreds of MWs of facilities around the world and understand the importance of maximising yield from a prospective site. Carefully designed structures, created to be in sync with the white space cooling and power distribution systems they support, enable us to drive down floor-to-floor heights. This maximises the number of storeys the site can deliver, which means maximum MW yield.